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Their Success, Your Success!

2017  |  14 July

In every business structure, positions and roles are occupied by individuals who are pursuing their career and life goals. They are constantly monitoring, negotiating and evaluating themselves in relation to these goals and aspirations, and this influences their motivation and performance in the roles they occupy within the business. For example, a team member who is heavily in debt and is unable to afford rent and fuel for his car is unlikely to give his responsibilities at work full attention. These aspects of his personal life in which he feels less successful directly impact on his productivity. How does your company ensure that such an employee is empowered to take ownership and achieve success in this aspect of his life? For another employee, personal success may entail finding the balance between work responsibilities and family life. How does a company help such an employee establish the balance and feel successful to handle both family and work responsibilities?

Unlike in business where success is often easier to define through productivity and profitability, personal success is complex for individuals in your business to define and achieve. Your employees may be feeling unfulfilled in their roles and responsibilities precisely because they feel that their goals and motivations are unclear or misunderstood by the company. If you help your employees define their success and goals and empower them to achieve them, the positive outcomes from that process will spill into their productivity and result in better performance in the company.

Is your business developing the individuals within your teams to define their success and pursue their goals in order for them to feel successful? Success builds more success; when your employees feel empowered and successful in their lives, this can only be positive for the bottom line of your company. Invest in their success and they will contribute to the success of your company!