Our Story

RB Africa has been on the map since 2007, when it was founded by Ian Russell and Jacques Buchner – hence the name 'RB' Africa.

Lawyers by qualification and both having worked in the corporate world for a number of years, it is their knowledge, experience and dedication that make RB Africa what it is today. In the early days, RB was in partnership with attorneys Smith Tabata Buchanan Boyes, with a focus primarily on assisting state owned enterprises with policy, strategy and legislative development. The team worked closely with Fevertree Consulting on a turnaround strategy at the Department of Home Affairs, developing a macro-policy to inform the constitutional mandate of the department. Subsequently, RB Africa was able to expand its operations to the mining, manufacturing and construction sectors, focusing on improving organisational performance through people driven solutions. This demanded a bigger team, and the company grew with the addition of Philippa and Dominique. Working in these industries, RB Africa has built close working relations with trade unions and has on many occasions been at the leading edge of union-management negotiations at the company as well as industry level.

Headquartered in the Eastern Cape, with a presence in Gauteng, the RB consultants are well travelled and are ready to deliver customised, solutions-driven consulting to each client. Our team of professionals has continued to grow to meet client specific demands. Neo Bodibe joined our team as a shareholder and Managing Director in April 2017, strengthening our strategic employee relations service offerings, and making us a proudly transformed South African organisation.