Performance through People

People-centred organisational performance solutions


Strategy creates vision and direction for the organisation, it allows you to measure your success and assess your company in the context of the bigger picture. Our team is able to assist you plan and execute a strategy which is aligned to your organisational vision and values, and which will drive organisational performance from the CEO down to the shop floor .

Services Include:
    Strategy Development
    Strategic Advisory Consulting
    Stakeholder Mapping


A facilitated process, led by an external party can go a long way inachieving lasting results for your organisation. From our work in the mining, construction and manufacturing sectors, we have experience in facilitating negotiations, drafting agreements and advising senior leadership on union-management issues.

Services Include Facilitating:
    Company or Plant Level Recognition and Partnership Agreements
    Industry Level Agreements
    Wage Negotiations
    Relationship By Objectives (RBO Exercises)
    Mediation and Arbitration
    Team-building and Strategy Workshops

Strategy to Action

South African companies are often faced with the challenge of implementing strategy in an ill prepared and disruptive work environment. RB Africa offers a tried and tested process that culminates in a tailor-made Operating Manual. This is a blueprint for action that details the principles, operating procedures, role descriptions, as well as custom-designed templates and structures required to make your strategy a reality.

Services Include:
    Gap Analysis, offering a complete organisational assessment
    Organisational Blueprint Development and Implementation
    Project Implementation Support
    Change Management

Effective Organisational Communication

Effective communication is the fuel for a productive and engaged workforce. Our communication models and structures are designed to ensure regular two-way communication which keep employees informed, while also ensuring they can raise their issues and concerns and receive feedback.

Services Include:
    Communication Strategy Development
    Customised Employee Surveys
    Multi-media resources
    Newsletters, Presentations and Reports
    Tailored Communication Forums and Structures


Today's leaders must be skilled communicators, with the ability to coach and inspire teams to achieve exceptional results, as well as proactively manage the socio-economic issues impacting their team members. Our training is designed to equip leaders with the understanding, knowledge and ability to empower teams to achieve their targets on every shift. All our courses are developed in-house and customised to meet each individual client's specific need.

Services Include:

      Critical Leadership Skills | Training for leaders at all levels of the organisation
            High performing Union-Management Engagement
            Individual, Team and Organisational Performance Management
            Effective Organisational Communication
            Shop Steward Development

      Sector-specific Training:
            Local auto sector in context

Training and on the job coaching for leadership and front line supervisors