Corporate Social Responsibility

RB Africa believes in paying it forward

We believe that the wellbeing of a company's community has a direct impact on the health of the company and its employees.
For this reason, RB Africa will continue to find ways to play a role in our respective communities, and this includes offering pro bono services to selected non-profits.

In 2018 we are supporting Breath of Life, an NGO situated in East London. Breath of Life assists women with crisis pregnancies and provides a safe house where abandoned babies between the ages of 0-6 months can be taken care of. If you know of a charity or NPO that is doing great things for the community and needs support, please drop us a line via our Contact Us page.

Here are some of the community projects that RB Africa has been involved in since it started.


Nancy's Aftercare Centre

The aftercare centre was transformed by a day of painting, redecorating, digging, cleaning and fixing all that was possible. A bookshelf was installed, the garden cleared, a tyre obstacle course built, stationary and toys were donated, pillows were made, the window was fixed and an artistic blackboard became a permanent fixture in the classroom.


We co-funded a tour for the 'kasi'-owned rugby club Winter Rose from Mdantsane, just outside East London. The funding enabled the mostly unemployed, talented players to participate in a rugby tournament in Stellenbosch.


We participated in fund raising and offered professional assistance to build a swimming pool at Clarendon Preparatory School in East London. Half the children in the school are from historically disadvantaged areas. The objective of our involvement was to extend swimming as a life skill to all children at the school.